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EightyOne Wellesley is a modern interpretation of 1960’s apartment design. The proposed 28 storeys high, white precast cladding, clear non-reflective glazing and a dark mullion colour reflects a palette for EightyOne Wellesley which is simple and elegant.  The precast has been designed to wrap each of the tower elements, so they will be framed and read as separate elements.

The amenity spaces occupy a very significant place in the building, they are in the two storey, fully glazed spacer floor at levels 7 & 8, where the building transitions from the podium to the tower element, level 7 has the outdoor terrace that wraps around 3 sides of the amenity space to create the exterior amenity area.

EightyOne Wellesley is located in a largely apartment dominated neighbourhood, just east of Church Street Village.   In keeping with the neighbourhood vernacular, EightyOne Wellesley is modern interpretation of 1960’s apartment design.  The design is stepped on North side to avoid shadowing nearby park it also features a large publicly accessible covered courtyard in front of the building.





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